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When is it too far?

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I can’t tell you how many times I question myself on this… When have I taken the discipline too far?  Am I being unreasonable?  Are my expectations unrealistic?  Even with an “extreme”  consequence, will my child get it and have some kind of breakthrough?

Tonight, these thoughts were at the forefront as one of my precious children had to sit and watch the rest of us participate in decorating our Christmas tree… something we’ve always enjoyed doing together.  The problem? Lack of obedience, crummy attitude, and decisions to not do as directed during school because he didn’t like what his requirements were.  I always ask myself, (hopefully before I committed myself to a consequence!) if my requirements were too much, or if they are going beyond the scope of our intentions for our children’s’ education.  But typically, we fall back on saying that our requirements are high, but not out of their reach.  We love to help them, and give them plenty of space for learning and understanding challenging concepts.  But when it comes down to them being more willing to play (and we KNOW they are getting lots of time for that) rather than applying themselves for a while in their schoolwork… that’s where we feel it’s about character that we want to mold.  It’s not about the school, in fact, at all.

This same child showed the same lack of excellence yesterday when serving another family alongside Mike and I.  And, quite honestly, that’s not new.  This is a real habit of attitude.

He was so brokenhearted when I told him what his consequence was because of his actions today, and my heart broke along with his.  The thought of my baby (a designation I give all my children) boy missing out on fun family time hurts so much!   But to allow him continue this pattern of behavior will be more hurtful to him in the long run than missing out on this one special event.

When things like this happen, I spend a good amount of time (sometimes, perhaps too much) making sure my kids understand the why’s of their consequence, and not just because I said.  They can really see for themselves where they went off track.  As I actually wrote down a record of this child’s attitudes and behaviors today – both good and bad – he could see that he was having more bad attitudes than good.  By far!   (And as a typical homeschool mom, I utilized a pie chart to enforce both my point, and his “real life” math skills.  I couldn’t resist! haha!)

I feel that one of the best things Mike and I can do as parents, is not only train them with consequences, but do our best to get their heart on board with ours.   For them to understand that the consequences are not out of anger or frustration on our part, but a natural result of their behavior.

Sigh… I hate painful consequences.  But as I watch my children meet their fate, I am struck by my own as well.  What are the natural consequences of my behavior, my modeling, and my parenting.  We tell our children that grown ups get disciplined by God, and that it is more painful than the consequences they receive – though there’s no way they can really understand that.  But it’s so true.  I strive to do my best, and be spirit-led in parenting, but I make SO many mistakes.  I pray that a natural consequence of my mistakes will NOT be that my children walk away from their Savior… or sever their relationship with us.  Too painful.  Too much.  Please God… hear my cry!

So I go along my way… reaching out to my children’s’ hearts.  Mold their behavior the best I can.  Love them as often as I can and in every kind of situation.  Try to remember to smile more.  And pray.

And pray.

And pray.

When is it too far?  I guess when it’s done out of anger, or resentment.  But if we take it too far, and still take the time to listen to their heart, and have them hear ours… perhaps there is time to back out of it and give them another chance.  Or at least ask their forgiveness.  Taking it too far, is just as detrimental as not far enough.  Both extremes will produce a result that is not the heart of a loving mother and father who desire their children to grow up in the ways of the Lord.

And I must keep in mind that I am not trying to perfect them by the time they leave home.  Just as I am not trying to teach them everything they could possibly learn in their life through their daily schooling.  More importantly, I give them a bearing on what’s important, how to learn, how to grow.  Then whether I am there or not to guide them, they will be able to navigate through life with maturity, responsibility, patience, self-control, and most importantly: love.

What I can tell you, is that my sweet boy accepted his consequence with grace.  He very gratefully sat in the same room we were in and watched and listened as we talked about Christmas memories and made some new ones.  And with a soft heart, he gave me a hug and thanked me.  I’m sure he’ll have a lot of incentive tomorrow to keep his attitudes in check. 🙂

I adore my children. ❤


Angry Brother vs. Strong Champion

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The conversation with my son “Frog” started with intense frustration, desperation, and a good amount of anger.  Yes, I know… a key indicator that you are not in a place to handle a situation with your kid is when you are angry.  The thought did, in fact, cross my mind that I should have him sit down somewhere and I go somewhere else and calm down and pray.  But I didn’t.  And while he explained his reasoning for why he hit his brother (again), I was so incredibly frustrated because we’ve had this converation over and over and over and over!


Barely holding on to my ability to listen to him, I try to also have the ability to listen to the Holy Spirit so I can catch on to any new idea He brings my way (don’t tell me you don’t have those days that you have been pushed so far you can hardly even think anymore… nothing seems to work anyway!)  HELP, GOD!  HELP!  My prayers were not well thought out… nothing super-spiritual about it.  But He heard my heart, and the inner groaning of a mother’s despair at getting through to her treasured child.  And unaware that He was already at work, I started explaining to Frog that he and his brother “Monkey” are different.

I’ve never had this conversation with any of my kids before.  I don’t know why… I guess it’s just never come up.  But I visually explained to him with gestures, big facial expressions that made him laugh, and words that he apparently understood that Monkey’s feelings are a lot bigger than his.  Monkey’s feelings are so big, in fact, that it’s hard for him to contain them in his little body.  He has been learning his whole life to have some measure of control, but when his feelings get too strong, he can hardly contain them within his frame and they start shooting out in ways he doesn’t probably even intend.  Monkey has been learning so much in the last few months, and is really doing so much better at trying to communicate with reasonable conversation.  But I tell you what, you ignore him, and those emotions go into hyper-overload.  I am not exaggerating.  HYPER-overload.

Monkey is the sweetest, most lovable little guy you could meet.  My little cuddle-bear!  His love drips from his lips as he compliments and esteems us all day long.  But you cross that little boy, and tell him something that he doesn’t want to hear and his little Me-Monster jumps into overdrive and he can barrel down almost any unsuspecting adult.  He brings one of the greatest adventures to our lives!

Frog has a tendency to feel like he can always do what he wants.  Many times, his ideas are the most fun, and with his persuasive personality he typically finds it easy to direct the flow of events.  Monkey, however, sometimes has a mind of his own and when Frog tries to manipulate by ignoring little Monkey and proceeding with his plans… well… you can imagine the fallout.

So back to my conversation… I explained to Frog how God made no mistake by putting such a capable, understanding loving boy as the oldest of our troup.  God knew that Frog would be fully able to come alongside Monkey and help him.  Help Monkey learn to control his feelings and to channel them in a productive way.  The ways he can help, are to listen to Monkey;  let Monkey know that his feelings are important;  look for ways to teach him new things;  include him.  Frog seemed to understand.  If my brain was not too addled at the time, I believe I even remember Frog thanking me for explaining all this to him.  So after instructing him to go apologize to  Monkey for ignoring him, Frog spent the rest of the day bringing peace to our home.

Yes, peace.  My sweet Frog now had a motivation for being a true friend and brother to Monkey, because the Holy Spirit revealed to him that his brother is not only different than himself, but also containing extreme emotions that neither he nor I fully understand.  But it is what it is.  And as Frog has been championing Monkey (and even helping me to deal with him better), Monkey has started championing Frog.  What a delight for this Mommy to see!

And I have to admit – the visual explanation I gave Frog has also been helping me to see Monkey differently as well.  But having Frog on my side has been the most tremendous help of all.


Mirrors Reflecting 4 Versions of Me

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My focus for as long as I can remember, has been on details of life.  Schedule, agendas, goals and accomplishments.  My intention towards my children has been that they would love God, for sure, but I think I have been more focused on giving them a home, or environment, where they can soak up God’s presence in their lives, rather than focusing my instruction on training them in the ways of God.  My focus of instruction has been geared toward their outward behavior more than their hearts.  My measure of success has been based on how much inconvenience they cause, or how much delight they bring.  I see now, how focused I am, even in parenting, on me.

Is it any wonder, then, that my children – 4 little mirrors of me – are easily offended? easily angered? quick to criticize? eager only to be done? not content to enjoy the moment, but always looking for the next thing?

I am desperately in need of a new vision.  I am in need of a makeover.  I have become stale in my pursuit of You, God, because like Martha, I was content to make myself feel good – justified even – by accomplishing a task rather than knowing You.  I found happiness and a measure of peace being busy.

But as I look in my God-given mirrors: I see the real result of my busy-ness.  I have not accomplished order and peace.  I have sown busy work.  Not always directed by You.  And I have reaped hearts that won’t listen.  I have sown my goals at almost any cost, and have reaped hearts that think only about what they want.  I have sown an attitude that is satisfied by achieving a goal and have reaped hearts that are so absorbed by the goal that they fail to thrive in the process.

God, help me to be.  Just be.  Help me to live in the moment and guide my children to do the same.  I am an infant in this mindset.  Have mercy on me!  Remind me constantly throughout the day to just be.  Don’t tire of the repetition, because I know the tendencies of my heart, and I’ll forget and get carried away again!  I am like a child!  I need you to be my external reminder until my soul is well-trained.