Holiday Check-Up

Hi Friends,

The last post that I wrote about intentionally making this season was written write at the crux of a real change in my mindset about a lot of things. I feel I have grown up so much the past few weeks and am really being able to be my own person, Mike’s wife, and my children’s mother without trying to make myself look or act in a way that I think would please others. It’s amazing!

Because of this change, I have had a challenging season so far in not “being there” at various functions/events/opportunities but Mike and I have been growing closer than ever. We are communicating more than we ever really have. And have been becoming better partners, and parents (interesting those words are spelled with the same letters).

How are you doing with your intentional choices for this season? Are you taking on what’s right for your family, in agreement with your spouse? Or are ending up letting life rule you?

I don’t even pretend to have arrived… but I’m making a good start!


2 Responses to “Holiday Check-Up”

  1. i am so proud to be your friend! you are so wise!

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