This Holiday Season Will be Different!

Every year, as we have approached Thanksgiving and Christmas, I get excited and full of anticipation.  The air changes, the leaves change, everything for me feels crisp and ripe and ready for something new.  Christmas, cold weather, hot drinks, fireplaces stoked with hot logs, festive music; the whole season speaks of the excitement and contentment that Jesus’ birthday brings to my heart.  Oh the possibilities!

And then the stress.  The commitments.  The day to day demands that don’t change, but now have to be attended while also happily being available and willing for the extra things that seem to be attached to this time of year.  And by the time the New Year is ready to explode on the horizon, I’ve already fizzled out and crawl into the next year tired, overwhelmed, emotionally spent and dragging.  But my heart still yearns for the newness, and the change.  I still have some hope that I can work harder, and attain that vision I began early in the Fall.

This year, Mike and I have been really trying to adjust our commitments and life so that we can be more a part of our own family of 6 and just…be.  As Fall has set in with it’s usual excitement, I was caught off guard with the amount of “things” we have the potential of being a part of.  And suddenly I felt myself going into the mode of just getting through with a happy face.  But then, through a conversation I had with Mike, my husband rescued me and I am now determined that this beautiful Holiday season will be approached differently.  Just because we are asked, doesn’t mean we will.  Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.  Just because it’s desirable, doesn’t mean it’s good.

Each of our days is too important to waste!  If something tragic happened, I wouldn’t want to look back and say, well, we were able to keep the house clean to a certain level, attend the parties we were asked to, and volunteered every spare hour we could, but in the meantime, hardly could stand our children or each other, and don’t really have any special memories of us to take with us from this season.  NO!

We will be intentional with our time.  Intentional with our home.  Intentional with our children.  Intentional with each other.  And this season will be blessed because we allowed God to direct it.


3 Responses to “This Holiday Season Will be Different!”

  1. Robyn Wright Says:

    This is good. We too need to have that talk. I can really feel like life is speeding by us and then we end up in the hospital unexpectedly and I think what will I look back on. God and family are most important to me. We need to evaluate what that looks like. I guarantee it will involve lots of fun with our kids and grandkids, our parents and each other. 🙂 I like that, intentional living, and I want to be sure that the things we deem most important are what I have done. Now to pull out that calendar and sit down with a cup of coffee.

    • charleecat Says:

      I hope you have lots of success with that, and aren’t afraid to say no… even perhaps to the seemingly important things. What I’m trying to learn is that just because it seems important, doesn’t mean we have to incorporate it into our plan. There are too many things that are important! God can direct us to the most efficient use of our time and energy.

  2. We, too, are realizing its the moments we have to just be with our children-really BE with them. Look them in the eyes and truly know them. I’m glad you are focusing in on priorities and God’s best for your family!

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