Coffee Shop Talk

I had a new idea for a coffee shop the other day.  I know, who needs yet another coffee shop?  Especially one that will be facing the giant franchise of Starbucks?  I can’t help it.  Since my husband and I first got together (started dating, began courting… I never know what to term it), I have LOVED coffee shops.  I had enjoyed coffee shops before I got to know Mike, but since falling in love with him, coffee shops seem to embody more than just good drinks.  They are romantic pastimes, a place to stop before a trip (long or short), the definition of a date, and the general fallback for where to meet someone.  They also are a beacon for me-time; a way to pamper myself and make anytime feel especially special.

So while I was driving home the other day, I started thinking about a coffee shop that I would love to start.  My thoughts were coming in such a rush of fabulous ideas that I actually began thinking maybe this idea would work… as long as I could find a suitable location for it.  My husband and mother-in-law seemed to think the idea was a great one, too, and Mike -always looking for a way to take the next step in the WWW- discovered the web address was available for the name I wanted to give my coffee shop.  So he purchased it.

Will this dream ever become reality?  I don’t know… it will take a lot of work.  And a LOT of capital.  But I may find myself just determined enough to actually start putting together a business plan and figuring out how much it would cost to get it going.  My grandfather gave me the impression long ago that he would love to see me start my own business, and I’ve never gotten that bug out of my head.  Perhaps this would be the business worth investing in!

If I can really get a plan going, I’m going to present it to my Poppa to see what his thoughts are….


One Response to “Coffee Shop Talk”

  1. Hi Honey!

    I’m so glad you started a blog. It’s going to be very cool to watch it grow as time goes by. And I’m excited about your coffee shop idea, too! I’ve been thinking about the possibilities this morning. The financial road for us has been rough the past 6 years, but I love you and am excited about the dreams we have for the future.

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